VA Disability Rating Calculator

This calculator will allow you to determine what disability payout percentage you should be receiving. Don’t think the VA doesn’t make mistakes when determining this. At one point, I found out I was supposed to be receiving a 70% payout but had only been receiving a 60% payout for years. After I confronted them about their mistake, they reimbursed me for the missing pay.

This calculator will also help you figure out what additional disability percentages you need to reach for the next increase. For instance, if you have one 50% and two 10% disabilities (which totals at a 60% payout), you can figure out from this tool that just one more 20% disability will bring you to a 70% payout. It’s at 70% total or 60% for a single disability at which time you are eligible for Individual Unemployability (IU) which pays out at the 100% rate.

If you are curious the math used to determine a disability rating, you can read about it here:

Start by clicking “Add Disability by %” and select from the dropdown list what your first disability rating is. Then repeat for as many additional disabilities you have a rating of 10% or more for. You can leave out disabilities rated at 0% because they don’t affect your rating. You can modify any amount in any dropdown list at any time to see how the change will affect your overall payout amount.